A Victim No More: Living a Life Free of Judgment

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You're a person who has endured much pain in your life. Do you have a sense that at some point when you were young that you accepted the role of victimhood?

Lori Rekowski: Absolutely. It was as if I had a contract to be born to be a victim and to carry that energy, not only for my own healing process, but to get the message out to others. I really feel that it was part of my (life) contract.

Would you say each person who is a victim chooses on some level to do that?

Rekowski: Yes, they do and some people resist that message. They say, "Oh, I would never have chosen this" or "I would never have chosen to be born with this disability or that disability." But, as you start to awaken, there is more than enough material out there that speaks the truth, that we are co-creators of our reality and we choose our life path and we choose the lessons that we are to learn -- therefore, we place these issues into our life path.

How do you define the word "victim?"

Rekowski: Giving your power away to someone or something else. Having that "poor me" attitude and we all have at one point or another, at different levels. Lving a life free of judgment is very important to releasing victim consciousness.

When is a person no longer a victim?

Rekowski: When you start owning your Divinity and living it daily. When you realize that you have a choice at any point in time to react to any situation that comes your way. You can choose an attitude of gratitude at any point in time. I think the key to releasing victim consciousness on our planet is to live free of judgment -- judging yourself and judging others. People do not accept their responsibility and they judge themselves and others. The components to being a victim no more are releasing judgment, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and keeping that attitude of gratitude.

You compare a victim becoming an empowered individual to humanity's collective shift from darkness to the light. Speak about that a little bit.

Rekowski: That thread of truth runs through every single thing that we seek. If you're out there seeking to awaken and to find peace, joy and happiness, that truism is right there and we have to own that. We have lightness and darkness. It's the opposites that help us to evolve. Be grateful for that and do not judge it.

It's such an important component for us to create a new habit of not judging ourselves and others.How do we do that? Judging things is such an ingrained habit. The media reinforces that every single day.

Rekowski: Yes it does -- and you know what I've done? I've detached myself from it. I purposely took time off of watching it. I don't watch the news any more. If there is a big event that occurs on our planet or in America, I hear about it. I hear about it through friends and family. They ask, "Oh, did you hear about this?" One exercise is to flip the switch and I start thinking about something positive. The key is to start practicing it. It's not to just know it in your head, it's to know it in your heart. That is the key. Live it through your heart and not in your head. When you are coming from love and from your heart center, it is impossible to judge yourself and othersIt starts with being willing. It can be that simple at the beginning of each and every day. It can be, "I am willing to release judgment." Deepak Chopra wrote that every day he would get up and say, "Help me. My intention today is to stay out of judgment of myself and others." Write that on a piece of paper and stick it up in the mirror.

Thanks to Lori Rekowski, author of A Victim No More: Living a Life Free of Judgment

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