The Quest

What is the quest? Who guides it? Is there an inner presence that truly guides you from within the inner planes? These are important questions that you do not need to answer, because you already know and have experienced that such a presence really exists within you. This presence leads and unfolds the spiritual dimension of your process from within the inner planes of your being. Indeed, for you, there is no doubt, since the presence is linked to you by an ethereal "umbilical" thread. Thus, you gradually realize that this presence is a projection sent by the essence of your soul.

When you become aware of this process in your personal life, then the invisible presence comes even closer to you, infusing you with teachings of a different kind, spiritual processes that awaken higher levels of consciousness within you. This enables you to experience for yourself that everything you see, feel, touch, hear, and think penetrates and resonates in your own center of consciousness like a harmonious symphony. This center is the one within you that reflects the rhythmic and melodious waves of energies inhaled and exhaled by everything that exists in creation.

The inner process of awakening your consciousness is a gradual thing that unravels the qualities of the soul while purifying your subtle bodies. Experiences are in themselves linked to consciousness, since you cannot experience something of which you are not conscious. Thus, experiences, be they physical or spiritual, have the same value. "Inner" experiences are no different from physical ones since both are realities that you experience and digest through your purified level of consciousness. Hence, vivid dreams, intuition, altered states of consciousness, or acute awareness of the beauty and interdependence of everything in creation are all experiences that converge in your heart center, where the intelligence of the heart radiates its everlasting presence.

The gradual process of awakening consciousness opens the doors of a new world to you. You are given to experience for yourself the interdependence of everything in creation. This conscious realization reverberates in your heart, awakening the center from where the resonance between you and the world transmits and receives a new quality of information. When this new way of discovering the world takes place, you are no longer the same, and your way of being in the world is transformed into one in which there is no longer an inner and an outer world. You no longer observe the world but simply exist in it. Or, should we say that the world exists in you? There is no difference; the mirror and its projection have finally merged. And while you continue to live in the world of duality, where continual change and movement are the law of nature, your level of consciousness remains anchored and fixed in the Center of Pure Being where the essence of everything has its source.

Special thanks to Alice Ouzounian

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