Tap the Creativity Keg

Creativity is something that you can access everyday. We all have creative potential, however it is necessary to tap into that potential in order to benefit from it.

Creativity occurs when you make it happen.

Pick one creative thing that you love to do, and start doing it again this week. It does not matter why you stopped. It only matters that you begin again.

You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!

Roadblocks, whether real or imagined, are tough because over time they become difficult to overcome. What once was a struggle, after a while, becomes something impossible to conquer. Just because an issue seems like it has no immediate answer, does not mean there is none at all. Keep looking. Keep striving. You never know when your solution will appear.

We live in a world where being perfect is an accepted goal, and anything less does not measure up. We try to be perfect at our jobs, at home, and at finding ourselves.
But being perfect has a downside; it's extremely draining. We know that we shouldn't care if we are perfect or not, but the little voice inside tells us that being perfect is the only way. We know that perfect is not realistic, but we also can't seem to find another way.

Stop trying to be perfect. Striving for perfection will consume your energy and waste your time. You will be less frustrated and more effective if you are realistic with yourself and other people. Replace your efforts to be perfect with something positive. First, identify one project that is being stalled by your quest for perfection. Then, set a realistic plan to complete the project, and go for it!

from Surpass Your Dreams Brian Volkman (Editor) brianonline@worldnet.att.net Copyright (c) 2003. All rights reserved.

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