Three steps to abundance

One of the key elements of happiness is taking control of your thoughts. I call this "Right Thinking" Many people confuse having thoughts with thinking. Having thoughts is passive, letting something happen. While thinking is actively choosing which of our thoughts we will focus on or taking action on.

Thinking is critical to our happiness because in a single day 50,000 thoughts pass through the human mind and studies prove that about 80% of them are negative. If you question this, track your thoughts for a few minutes and see how many of them are negative. I did just that and was astonished to find out that most of them were negative judgments about me!

The problem is our thoughts come so fast that we don’t even recognize them as thoughts, we see them as "that’s the way life is" and react accordingly. We don’t have an experience of actively choosing anything. To increase our happiness we must be aware of our thoughts and choose which ones to focus on or even create new ones that are in line with our goals. We need to consciously determine where we want to put our attention because "what you focus on you will follow after." Without realizing it, many people have developed wrong thinking, or the "unhappiness habit."

The goal of right thinking is to focus on positive and productive thoughts. Right thinking doesn’t mean you ignore problems; it simply means that you handle them instead of dwelling on them. Avoiding problems led to depression and hopelessness. Focusing on solutions gives us hope as well as direction and motivation.

People who handle problems and learn to focus on positive outcomes are more successful, creative, productive, overcome obstacles, have less conflict, better relationships, and are more loving.

Three steps to abundance

Step 1: Know what you want.
This means the feeling behind what an object or person will help you to experience, not the object or person. The Universe responds literally to your thoughts, so be as specific as possible. For example, don’t wish for a better marriage when you really want to share peace and Love with another soul. Don’t think you want better health when you really want more energy and the ability to experience life. Think carefully about what you really want, so when you program for it, you’ll create a clearer picture in your mind (and Universe) so it can more easily be manifested.

Step 2: Believe you can have what you want.
You can’t have something if you don’t believe you are capable of having it or deserving of it. It’s not enough to merely desire something; you must believe you are capable of owning it. If you’re 5’9" and believe no one your height could dunk a basketball, you never will. (But no one told that to 5’7" professional-basketball-player Spud Webb.)
Application: You deserve abundance. If you think you don’t deserve something, challenge this belief. Where did this idea come from? Is it a reality? Realize that you were created to experience prosperity and abundance in all things. There is nothing you don’t deserve. It is said that anything you can conceive and believe, you can have. This is almost the case, but if you want help from the Universal Energy, there’s one more step.

Step 3: Accept that you already have what you desire.
Once you accept that you’ve already received what you created in your mind, the process is complete. If you sprain your wrist playing tennis, see it healed using a visualization technique. By creating in your mind that your injury is already healed, that image will be manifested in the physical world, and you will be back on the tennis courts much sooner. If you want to find a loving partner, center yourself and create an image of already enjoying your life with the person you desire. (It is not necessary to know who it is or to imagine a face.) If and when you are ready, the Universe will unite you!

Don’t ask!

Thought is energy. This form of energy is processed by your creative mind and printed out as your reality. If you’re centered, you co-create your printout with the power of the Universal Energy. Your thought will be much stronger, resulting in the creation of what you desire sooner.

"You can never get what you want, but you can love all you have, and you can have everything."

Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it? By understanding and applying its secret, you unlock your potential for abundance? You can never get anything you want, ask for, or "pray" for, because your body and the Universe knows only how to give you more of what you already have. Nothing more, nothing less. Getting confusing? Hang in there.
When you ask for something, what message are you giving the Universe? The Universe hears, "I do not have what I want!" If you tell the Universe you want more money, you’re really saying, "I want more money because I don’t have enough." Why else would you ask for it? If you had enough, you wouldn’t need to ask for more. When you ask or pray for more money, you are programming the Universe to create (or maintain) your not having enough money! By telling the Universe that you already have what you desire, (i.e., enough money), you program that thought. "I have enough money" is exactly what will be printed out for you. The printout you see could be a "coincidental" financial gain, or maybe an advantageous business opportunity. Perhaps you will "out of nowhere" gain a feeling of peace and security with what you already have.

For what’s really important, it is an abundant world. Once you remember who you really are and how much creative ability you have, you can realize all your desires from within, and find the peace that had been once thought to be achieved from outside yourself.

Thanks to Pam Golden & Bruce D Schneider for this article

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