Frustration is the feeling that comes when you are being stopped from reaching your goals. It is feeling annoyed at being obstructed or criticised. An example expression arising from frustration will be "What is wrong with me? I should be able to do this."
Frustration causes a downward spiral of performance, because it wastes precious energy and attention.

There can be many others circumstances which gives rise to frustration and it is virtually impossible to list down each and every one of them. Many of these factors will vary according to individual life experiences and personalities. Psychologists, however, do believe that frustration is a result or a compliment of other emotions

The task and our performance are two factors that make up a situation.
We need to accept our actual situation instead of putting hopes on intangible imagination in which the situation may have been different. We need to transform our wishing behavior to accepting behavior.

We accept our performance by not wishing if it were different. Acceptance frees us to utilize all available energy on our next attempt.

When we observe ourselves, we can actually realize our limitations and hence work towards raising our skills. We cannot expect improvement through repeated attempts on a same tactic. In fact, doing so may result in even more frustration.

In addition, one cannot expect any improvement if one is unwilling to put in the effort for it. This mindset needs to be changed. Thomas Edison made this statement, "Success is 1% inspiration and 99% diligence." Nevertheless, one also needs to bear in mind that through repeated attempts on a same tactic may not contribute to any improvements. It is the identifying of our limitations. Realize that we only have a certain amount of energy and attention. If we get frustrated, we waste precious energy and attention and we will find ourselves stuck in a downward spiral of performance. There is this saying, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be wasted!"

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